Important Things You Should Know About Walnut Wood -

Important Things You Should Know About Walnut Wood


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Whenever you want to renovate your room or buy new wooden furniture, walnut wood always comes as the first suggestion. Why not oak or teak wood? Aren’t those two known for their quality? Now, before you judge walnut wood as simply unknown wood, please continue to read below to find more about this wood. Who knows, once you read this article, you would fall in love with this wood? So, let’s start!

The Good Things about Walnut Wood  

Walnut wood is one of the wood types with the most beautiful texture. The uneven color on its surface creates a natural look, especially if you use it for flooring purposes. the light brown with a hint of purple and red gives it depth. Then, the veins and light grain also add some artistic touch to its appearance. Therefore, many items made of this wood don’t use too much finishing. They keep using the rough cut walnut lumber, to ensure this amazing and natural looks intact.

Even though we said it doesn’t require too much wood processing, it has one of the best qualities that match any type of wood processing method. You can carve it, using it as a plane, or any other method and it will still look as beautiful as before. Moreover, it also has a tough structure, yet it is flexible which makes it suitable for any project.

For that reason, figured walnut lumber is considered luxurious and even rare wood in some countries. Maybe because of that, it is not the common wood you can use. Here is the question. If it is that rare, how much money do we need to prepare to purchase walnut wood or an item made of this wood?

The Cost of Walnut Wood

Depending on the cut and timber type, the cost of walnut wood may be different. The average price of this type of wood, if we measure it with price per board foot, is starting from around $5. However, some type of walnut wood can cost around $12.50 per board foot.

As you can see, the prices we mentioned above are the price for the processed walnut wood. If you want the raw and unprocessed one, it could cost you more than that. For reference, a slab of walnut wood can easily reach more than $2,000. This type of cut is much bigger. And, if you like to make something using wood as a material, you also get more freedom to turn this rare wood into a more valuable item. So, the price for a walnut cut to size like this one is quite reasonable.

Even though it is one of the rare woods, you can still find it quite easily in some stores. Some of them even have discounts for you. You can save more money if you buy it at those stores. For example, you can try searching at Bunnings. They have various types of walnut wood of different sizes. Moreover, they are also available at a reasonable price.

Other than walnut timber bunnings, you also can find other stores with different offers. So, make sure you explore and compare them to get the best deal of this amazing wood.

Type of Walnut Wood

At this point, you already understand what walnut wood is. Now, let’s see more about the different types of this wood. It will be a useful reference to find the pattern and color that you like for your house.

  • English Walnut Wood

English walnut wood is considered one of the most expensive ones. This wood has beautiful heartwood color. Mostly, you can find it in pale brown for the un-finished and un-veneer one. After it went through the processing stage, it can change into dark chocolate brown. The drying method also affects the color of english walnut timber. It can have a hint of purple, red, or grey that makes it different than other types of wood.

  • Black Walnut Wood

This wood is the most popular in the U.S. It has better durability than English walnut wood with a rot-resistant property. Its original color is dark chocolate brown and pale yellow. Even though it is pricey, you can get it quite easily in many stores. If you plan to build furniture or renovate your house, especially with flat cut walnut, Black Walnut Wood is your best choice.

  • Claro Walnut Wood

Claro walnut wood is one of the best choices you can combine with English walnut. the combination of these two will create beautiful multi-colored patterns. Best of all, this wood also has high resistance against decay. The catch here is the price of Claro walnut is expensive. For saving your budget, you can try to get the plain sawn walnut type for Claro walnut.

  • White Walnut Wood

This wood is one of the softer types of wood among walnut wood. Therefore, it is easy to shape. The main problem is it doesn’t have high durability like the other walnut. So, you have to combine it with the other type to improve its performance.

  • Bastogne Walnut

Previously, you can combine the Claro and English walnut manually to create a beautiful pattern. However, the scientist has cross-pollinated those two types and produces this Bastogne walnut. This cross-pollination process gives birth to a walnut wood type with much stronger timber.

  • Peruvian Walnut

The last types of walnutwood are the Peruvian walnut. If you are looking for a dark walnut wood type, this type is your best choice. It has beautiful dark brown color with a hint of purple. However, you may have to pay more. This wood is imported from Mexico, the place where it can grow naturally.


Now, you know that having plain sliced walnut could be an improvement on your room or house design and value. This wood is not only valuable and durable, but it is also suitable for many purposes. Not only furniture, but you can also use it for your building. So, are you ready to get the best quality walnut wood for your place?

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