All You Need to Know about Aged Walnut Wood -

All You Need to Know about Aged Walnut Wood


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aged walnut wood

Aged walnut wood is the look people look for. Generally, walnut is an exotic type of hardwood. Coming with excellent strength and durability, it is no wonder if walnut is such a popular wood out there.

Other than that, walnuts have an excellent level of adaptability. Thus, many woodworkers choose this wood for furniture and knick-knacks. It will hurt nobody if you look at walnut wood for sale to get a sweet deal.

Characteristics of walnut wood

As mentioned earlier, walnuts are durable and sturdy. It is also the reason why this wood suits any kind of woodworking, depending on the type.

Instead of using old walnut boards, you can get the look of aged walnut wood by using a certain finishing.

Even though walnuts are robust and stable, the wood is not that heavy. Its shock resistance makes the wood stand out against wear and tear.

Woodworkers love this wood due to its flexibility. Gluing and nailing is not an issue at all. You can choose the color you love.

Choosing walnut wood for furniture

We explained that you can make almost everything with walnuts. When it comes to furniture, this wood is excellent for an executive office or formal furniture. Many furniture pieces with mid-century style are made with walnut wood.

The furniture looks stunning with both natural and dark stains. Walnut has gorgeous grains and various colors. When both are combined with durability, nothing can beat this wood.

Regardless of the finish, it always looks smooth on walnut.

Other things you need to know about walnut woods

Some woods like cherry and teak may get darkened over time. On the other hand, walnut wood turns lighter after years of use.

The change of color is not followed by the patina that may develop in other wood types, such as cherry wood. Thus, walnut wood is an excellent choice for a musical instrument. 

According to evidence, walnut wood is common for constructing guitars and violins. Since the colors are varied, it seems like you can make anything with walnut wood.


Compared to other types of wood, walnut wood is one of the most durable types. It costs expensively due to its short availability.

It takes about 55 years to make mature wood, which requires a lot of money to build a piece of furniture. However, walnut wood gives an excellent look and quality to every item it has made. The look of the aged walnut wood is also unique.

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