American Black Walnut Wood, the Black Wood with Many Benefits -

American Black Walnut Wood, the Black Wood with Many Benefits


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american black walnut wood

Do you know about American Black Walnut wood? Walnut wood is one of the quality raw materials for a variety of furniture and household needs. There are several types of Walnut wood based on their color, from light brown to black. However, the color most widely used by people in the world is dark brown or black-brown. This wood is also a favorite for all needs because it has a very high level of hardness and is also resistant to extreme weather, and does not easily warp or experience shrinkage.

Characteristics of Walnut Wood

Walnut wood veins are in straight lines with a dominant black color and make this wood look more manly and charming. The wood pattern is a combination of brown and black colors that will look shiny after the finishing process which makes this wood look even more beautiful. The combination of brown and black is the embodiment of a classic form that is very popular with people, especially those who appreciate the value of art and the beauty of nature.

The dry weight of this wood is around 610kg / m³. The center of the wood can be light brown to dark brown with darker cuts or veins. The sapwood is yellow gray close to white. For carpenters, this is quite easy to work with. This wood does not smell too flashy when worked on. This wood powder can sometimes cause allergies such as irritable hives although this is rarely found.

Walnut wood raw material is the best choice in terms of beauty and high level of durability and is not seasonal and timeless. The need for this wood raw material is increasing so it is rather difficult to get it. For this reason, it is not surprising that the price of this wood is also quite expensive when compared to other types of wood materials.

Utilization of Walnut Wood

The use of American Black Walnut wood is also applied as a building material, for walls, interiors, and exteriors to add to the beauty of homes and buildings. Some people who are bored with cement and brick building materials, choose Walnut wood in making houses so that they have a natural impression with high artistic and aesthetic value. Of course, the level of satisfaction in designing a house with wood materials can provide comfort as a place to live and rest.

Apart from the wood stalks, the black walnut wood seeds are also used for food. Walnuts are not a type of legume but they are quite popular all over the world.

With the Walnut Wood interior, residents will feel the warmth even in the cold weather, especially at night. Many hotels also choose Walnut wood as their interior and decoration to show the beauty for the comfort of their staying guests. Walnut wood applications in homes and hotels include wall panels, tables and chairs, cabinets, cabinets, kitchen sets, doors and windows, and floors.

Those are some information related to the characteristics and utilization of American Black Walnut wood.

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