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Why Black Walnut Lumber Price Expensive?


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black walnut lumber prices

Unquestionably, there are many variants of wood in which black walnut wood is one of them. Some of those woods are more expensive than the others. Of course, there are reasons for that particular fact in terms of the pricing of different woods.

It involves a variety of factors to come to the fact that some woods are expensive. The difficulty in growing it and it’s time to reach its maturity are among the reasons. Even in that matter, the reasons can differ from one wood to another.

The Growing of Black Walnut

One of the things that affect the black walnut lumber prices is its growing requirements. It grows well in the so-called USDA hardiness zones of 5a to 9a. The area has to be moist and drains well at the same time.

It is easy to find it in North America, especially in the south-central and southeastern parts of the US. The southern tips of the great lakes offer lots of black walnuts. It indicates the fact that this tree will not grow in just any place at all.

More importantly, it is crucial to know that it should never be too close to other trees. If there are maples around black walnut, it will not grow well. It will eventually affect the black walnut lumber prices in the end.

The Actual Condition of Today

When it comes to the pricing of high-quality old woods, it is nothing but expensive today. It includes black walnut as well. Nevertheless, younger trees will not be as expensive as old trees for sure.

Although the quality of the trees is not that high anymore, the price remains expensive. The black walnut lumber prices of today are between $3 and $10 per board foot. The price fluctuates daily depending on a variety of aspects in the market.

third reason that determines the price of black walnut lumber

The popularity of this wood and its rarity affect the high price of it without any doubt. The so-called love edge cut is the most expensive and popular choice of it. That is reasonable for it offers a beautiful appeal for a furniture piece.

In terms of the black walnut lumber prices, it is nothing but pricey so far. Even oaks are known to be cheaper than black walnut due to their high level of availability. Understandably, it requires a lot of money to have a beautiful piece of furniture made of black walnut today.

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