Things to Know About Black Walnut Wood Price -

Things to Know About Black Walnut Wood Price


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It is usual for some people to check on the black walnut wood price before making a purchase. It applies to many things in life instead of just about lumber. The idea is to find the best deal available to secure a deal with the retailer.

The Basic Things

The most important thing to know on this is that black walnut is among the so-called premium woods. It means that the price will not be a cheap one among many types of wood. It will provide a general idea that buying this wood requires a lot of money.

Black walnut wood comes at $20,000 for a mature tree. Furthermore, in an acre of full-grown black walnuts, the price goes up to $100,000. That is just about the timber value of the tree without other parts of it.

That kind of pricing makes it one of the most profitable trees to grow for business. It leads to the fact that furniture items made of this wood will be expensive for sure. It is among the things to consider before buying this wood or furniture made of this wood.

The Retail Pricing

That pricing will not be the same in the scope of end retailers and end-users. There are several things to determine the black walnut wood price that buyers have to pay. One thing to understand is that different sizing and amount of wood will cost differently.

There are many wood retailers out there today that offer their respective prices to buyers. So, it is a good idea to inquire about that before purchasing from a retailer. There will always be a complete list of the pricing from the retailers.

In terms of the black walnut wood price, the cut variant will also affect the price. It means that the live edge cut and the board cut will come at a different cost to pay. The live edge will be the more expensive variant to pay for sure.

The live edge black walnut wood price hits $12.50 for the piece with more than 36 inches of width. The cheapest one for this variant is $9.00 for the one with 14 inches to 20 inches in width. Meanwhile, a board of black walnut in 4/4 thickness will cost only $5.25.

Furthermore, a Quartersawn cut will cost $7.50 to buy. In the end, the cost of this wood type will depend on the variant and cut to purchase. It is best to buy the one that will match the need for this wood on hand.

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