All You Need to Know About Black Walnut Woods -

All You Need to Know About Black Walnut Woods


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Black walnut wood is one of the most unique as well as the most precious kinds of hardwoods. And because of its uniqueness, American black walnut wood becomes a valuable type of hardwood for interior finish, furniture, novelties, paneling, and even gunstocks. The black walnut wood price is pretty expensive because the demand of it is increasing while the supply of black walnut trees is decreasing.

The walnut wood itself comes in a variety of types, based on its colors. The colors range from light brown to black. Black walnut trees spread from the East Coast to the Great Plains. You can also find it in North Georgia, Minnesota, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, and also Canada, exactly in Southern Ontario. But if you look for the best quality black walnut trees, you should find it in the central state regions of the US, from Ohio to Iowa.

If you want to buy and use black walnut wood for any purposes, keep reading to know more about this precious species of hardwood.

About Black Walnut Wood

Black walnut wood is a dark, dense, hard, and tight-grained type of hardwood. Quite many woodworkers love this hardwood because of its strength, natural colors, and grains. It gives you an extremely smooth finish. The color of black walnut wood ranges from dark chocolate in the heartwood and creamy white in the sapwood.

Natural walnut woods establish a shiny patina for years. Not only woodworkers, but many fans of fine furniture are also totally in love with this kind of dark hardwood. Watco black walnut is usually used to make a variety of furniture, such as kitchen accessories, natural wood floors, gunstocks, and so much more. Though walnut trees are available in many varieties, only a little that is native to North America. Among those many varieties, the one that is usually used for woodworking is the eastern black walnut or also known as American Black Walnut.

Black walnut trees usually grow as scattered individual trees or in a small group in mixture with a broad variety of other hardwood types. So, it is possible for you to find black walnut trees that grow and appear with basswood, red Oak, sugar maple, white ash, yellow poplar, hickory, black cherry, and beech trees. So, if you are looking for a wood similar to walnut, you can choose one of those species of hardwood. Mature black walnut woods are able to grow from 100 feet to 200 feet in height and 30 inches to 40 inches in diameter.

The Characteristics of Black Walnut Woods

Black walnut grains are in a straight line with a dominant black color, making this harwood looks gorgeous and stunning. While the hue of black walnut is actually the combination of black and dark brown that will look shiny after the finishing process. So, it will look even more beautiful. This combination of black and dark brown is classic that many people love, especially those who highly appreciate the beauty of nature and the value of art.

The heartwood of black walnut ranges from pale brown to dark brown with darker grains. While the sapwood can be in the greyish yellow or white. The aroma of black walnut woods is not really strong. Many woodworkers find it easy to work with this hardwood. Raw black walnut wood is the best option when it comes to natural beauty and durability. Moreover, this kind of hardwood is timeless.

As it is said before, black walnut woods are more expensive compared to other woods due to increased demands while the supply decreases. But the cost of black walnut wood depends on where you buy it. Black walnut lumber suppliers might offer different black walnut lumber prices.

Reasons Why You Should Try Using Black Walnut

There are some reasons why black walnut woods are worth using for any purposes, especially for making furniture. Here they are.

·        Strong and Hard Textures

Black walnut woods have a very high level of hardness, making it extremely durable and strong. The hard, strong textures of black walnut make it really ideal to use for making any items. One of the most suitable items made by using black walnut woods is a weapon grip. There are already many countries that prefer to use black walnut woods to make a weapon grip due to its hard, strong textures.

Many furniture business owners also use this kind of hardwood to make the structures of their furniture pieces. For example, the structure of sofa and beds. The strong, hard texture also makes black walnut ideal to be used to make residential pillars.

·        Gorgeous Natural Grains

Black walnut woods have stunning, natural grains that are dominated with the black color. Moreover, the natural strokes of this hardwood are outstanding as well, combining the color of black and brown. This color combination brings a touch of warm, classic style. It also makes black walnut woods look even prettier when you give it proper finishing.

·        It is not Really Heavy

As a type of hardwood, black walnut woods are quite lightweight. It weighs only around 610 Kg/m3. The heartwood of dry black walnut is in pale brown or dark brown. Dry black walnut woods are even more lightweight, making it easy to turn into valuable and artsy items. Besides lightweight, dry black walnut woods do not have a strong smell.

A fun fact about black walnut woods: Kyrgyzstan is a country that is the owner of the largest Walnut forest in the world with a land area of around 600.000 hectares located in a mountainous area. If you use black walnut woods for your interior, you will stay warm even during cold weathers, especially at night. Moreover, this hardwood is also resistant to extreme weathers. There are so many hotels that involve this hardwood in their interior designs. They use it for wall panels, chairs, tables, doors, floorings, cabinets, and so on.

That is all you need to know about the valuable black walnut wood. Are you interested to choose black walnut wood for your purpose?

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