The Cost of Black Walnut Wood and Factors Influencing It -

The Cost of Black Walnut Wood and Factors Influencing It


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cost of black walnut wood

How much is the cost of black walnut wood? Walnut wood raw material is one of the best choices in terms of beauty and and quality. It is also known to be very durable and not faded with time. Interestingly, the demand for this wood raw material increased currently. This way, it is quite difficult to get around. It is not surprising that the price of this wood is also considered expensive compared to other types of wood materials. In the USA, the price of the walnut wooden board ranges from $5.25 to $7.50 depending on the width and the thickness. There are some factors that influence the price. Here are some of them.

Characteristics of Walnut Wood

Walnut wood fibers are mostly in the shape of a straight line with a dominant black color. The combination makes this wood look more dashing and enchanting for many people. The wood pattern itself is a combination of brown and black colors. After being crafted and varnished, it tends to look sparkling. Meanwhile, the combination of brown and black is the embodiment of a classic form. The characteristics are the main reason why black walnut wood is suitable for furniture, home fixtures, and other crafts.

Despite its durability, the wood is also quite lightweight. The weight of the dry walnut wood is about 610kg/m³. Meanwhile, it consists of some layers with different colors. The middle part of the wood can be light pale brown to dark brown with darker cuts or fiber. Then, it also has the yellow-gray part of the gubal which sometimes it looks close to white. In addition, the aroma of this wood is not very noticeable when being cut or crafted. In addition, the wood powder can sometimes cause allergies such as irritating itching although it is rarely found. You should not worry since the powder doesn’t appear when the wood has been made into a certain product.

Areas Where Walnut Trees Commonly Grow Up

Walnut trees are widely found in some areas including China, America, the Middle East and Europe.  Kyrgyzstan is the owner of the largest walnut forest in the world with a land area of ​​about 600 thousand hectares. While it can simply grow up, a walnut tree is known to be a dangerous plant for other plants. It is because it may take most nutrients in the soil so that other plants rarely grow up well. Consequently, there is only grass around it and it becomes a homogeneous forest. This matter also affects the cost of black walnut wood.

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