How Much Is the Cost of Walnut Wood? -

How Much Is the Cost of Walnut Wood?


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cost of walnut wood

The cost of walnut wood seems to be increasing. It happens to the prices of almost all wood types. There will be reasons for increasing the wood price. Forest burning and trading problems can increase the price of the wood itself. It means that everyone requires a lot of money. Let’s reveal the cost of this wood and the factors influencing it. 

Is The Cost of Walnut Wood Expensive? 

Walnut wood is relatively expensive. It is more expensive than the other hardwood types because it is rarely comparative. It only has 1% from all stocks growing in the US hardwood in which is walnut wood. It is because the market demand is always increasing. If walnut wood is very expensive, it is still popular among furniture makers and wooden workers. The cost of walnut wood starts to be increasing in one year ago after a series of forest burning incidents happen in the US. Furthermore, it has a trading problem between Canada and the US that makes the walnut wood supply disturbed. It is very expensive because of the demand and supply. 

Hardwood seems to be popular among furniture manufacturers depending on the other choices such as oak, cherry, and pine. For example, a pinewood type is the cheapest one for furniture because it grows rapidly. Some pine species can grow in a commercial size of less than one decade. Meanwhile, black walnut wood requires a long time for growing up to 55 years. It finishes walnut wood to be an expensive wood type. 

Is Walnut Wood Softwood or Hardwood?

It is time to discuss more the quality of walnut wood. With high durability, walnut belongs to a hardwood type. To be a hardwood type, it is durable to the shakes and scratches. There was a test measuring the damage of this wood when it scratches. It can handle power up to 1.010 lbs. 

The Average Cost of Walnut Wood

After you know that walnut wood is expensive, it is time to calculate the average cost of walnut wood. If you pay for wood S4s black walnut cut into adjustable sizes, you must pay it more expensive or higher than the average costs. For black walnut, you can pay about $5 to 12.50 per plank of wood. The classification of S4S becomes the highest one because you don’t require to make the wood straight. It influences the cost of walnut wood

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