The English Walnut Timber for Your Home Improvement -

The English Walnut Timber for Your Home Improvement


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english walnut timber

Before you decide to choose walnut material for your home furniture improvement, it is better for you to know more information about the walnut material. As you can see there are lots of types of walnut wood which includes English walnut timber. The walnut trees are so popular around the US since this is the type of popular and familiar tree that can be considered as deciduous trees. 

The walnut trees are in the same family of Juglans genus, and you can distinguish the main characteristic of this wood by looking at the types of heartwood and sapwood. The stripes of the wood are red or grey and it can depend on the age of the woods and the location of the walnut trees themselves. 

Moreover, you can also see the specific type of walnut trees which can be considered as the non-Juglans type such as the Queensland walnut, the New Guinea walnut, the Brazilian walnut, African walnut, Caribbean walnut, and more. 

The Specific Type of English Walnut Timber 

When you are looking for the various kinds of walnut types, you can see that the common walnuts are the Black walnut and the English walnut timber. These kinds of walnuts are suitable for woodwork and wood carving. Moreover, the Juglans regia or the English walnut is also considered as the specific type of edible walnuts which is ready to consume by a human. 

Why are there lots of people considering choosing walnut wood as the main material for home interior? It is because of the characteristics of the walnut wood and the finishes for walnut which is known as the resilient, hard, and heavy kind of wood which has good durability for long usage. The texture of the grain is straight and irregular and it also has the semi-porous end grain with the specific characteristic of the growth rings. 

The Choice of English Walnut Timber for Home Improvement

Because of the hard and heavy characteristics, the usage of English walnut timber is quite popular as the main material for home furniture. This type of walnut is having a good decay resistance, though you may smell a slight odour of this wood, and people who are having either eye or skin irritation need to be careful when they are working with this wood. 

Since people find out that it is quite easy to form the walnut wood into lots of furniture, people also use this kind of wood for profiling, carving, and turning. This wood is also well known for the surface which is quite smooth and you can get a wonderful finish look for the walnut wood surface. When the walnut is having contact with the materials made from iron, the staining of the wood may occur.

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