The Impressive Figured Walnut Lumber and Its Finishing -

The Impressive Figured Walnut Lumber and Its Finishing


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figured walnut lumber

To make furniture, you need to know the best type of wood and the right wood finishing techniques according to the type of furniture to be made. You need to choose the wood that suits your needs, also make sure you use the best finishing materials and finishing techniques to produce quality furniture. One of them is the figured walnut lumber. Come on, see the explanation!

The beautiful and impressive figured Walnuts wood Lumber

The wood of the  tree has straight veins dominated by black. This is what makes this type of wood look so handsome and charming. Also,  Walnut wood has wood streaks that are a combination of brown and black.

Yes, one of the advantages possessed by this wood is that it has many color choices. Some of the colors it has are black or dark brown, light brown, and black. Among these colors, dark brown is the favorite color of many people to be processed into a valuable product.

The black color of walnuts means that it has a very high level of hardness. Also, it can withstand harsh weather. Not only that, but it is also not easy to warp or experience shrinkage. This is the reason why black walnuts are so popular with the public.

Back to the point about the figured walnut lumber, the combination of the two colors will make this wood sparkle so it looks even more beautiful. This combination will also create a classic impression so that many people like it.

Walnut finishing

How about the finishes for walnut? Well, this type of wood does not grow in Indonesia, usually only grows in Europe and America. Wood grown in this four-season country has excellent strength and resistance. The color of this wood is dark golden brown and is the best wood in the world. If purchased, the price is very expensive.

The advantages of this wood include texture, a sharper color even when not finishing until its use. The use of walnut wood itself is very wide, be it indoor or outdoor furniture. Walnut is the best type of wood in terms of resistance to termites and fungi, so walnut wood is not easily damaged.

A suitable finish for walnut is polished only or with a topcoat. Polishing can be done on walnut wood furniture that is placed indoors. Finishing furniture with a top coat will retain the original wood color and fiber.

So that’s an explanation of the beautiful figured walnut lumber and its finish. I hope that the above explanation can help readers who are confused about choosing quality wood for furniture or building materials. Hopefully, this is useful!

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