Kiln Dried Walnut for Furniture Frames -

Kiln Dried Walnut for Furniture Frames


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kiln dried walnut

Kiln dried walnut is another interesting thing to discuss. More than anything, kiln dried furniture is always better than another kind of drying process.

According to research, kiln-dried wood provides a sturdy performance and lasts longer. In this article, we will show you why you should consider kiln dried wood over any kind of drying method.

Kiln dried and different wood types

When it comes to choosing kiln dried wood, it is better to go with hardwood than softwood. Hardwood includes walnut, cherry, maple, oak, and other deciduous trees. Those trees provide stronger platforms for furniture making.

Since walnut might be a bit expensive, feel free to dive into walnut wood for sale. More than anything, hardwood is always a great choice for furniture.

Special things about kiln dried hardwood

When wood is harvested, it can hold a bunch of moisture. Thus, the drying process is required to make the wood qualified for furniture making.

Kiln drying is one of those methods used for drying the wood. The result is even better than other drying processes to get out the moisture.

By using a kiln oven, at least 93 percent of moisture inside the wood is eliminated. Thus, the wood will stay excellent when you use it for furniture making.

Kiln dried walnut, you will get a nice-looking furniture piece with excellent durability. When there is so much moisture inside the wood, it may shrinkage and destabilize the furniture.

Air drying, on the other hand, is an available option to choose from. However, the result depends on the current weather which is uncontrollable. Thus, no one knows whether the moisture content has been reduced enough or not.

Quality furniture pieces come from kiln dried hardwood. Flooring materials also come from the same process. The drying process highly defines how the material will last after times of use and years of abuse.


According to what we have discussed above, we can conclude that kiln-dried wood will make superior frames. The moisture is reduced, and the wood can construct a sturdy furniture piece. Also, make sure that you always choose hardwood for furnishings and flooring materials.

Walnut, on the other hand, is one of the strongest wood types on the market. It comes with gorgeous grains and a smooth surface. Choosing finishes as you like is possible with walnut.

In case you plan to make furniture pieces or other woodworking, using kiln dried walnut is a good idea on many levels.

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