Peruvian Walnut Wood – Why is It So Expensive? -

Peruvian Walnut Wood – Why is It So Expensive?


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peruvian walnut wood

Peruvian walnut wood is imported from Central and South America, as well as Southern Mexico. We also call it Nogal wood.

Walnut is quite expensive compared to other types of hardwood. In this article, we will break down things that make this wood is so expensive.

Peruvian walnut wood in a nutshell

Nogal is considerably durable even though it is susceptible to insect invasion. Still, you can consider this wood as one of the materials you should work with.

Just like any other hardwood, Nogal is easy to work and glues. It also stains and finishes nicely. 

Nogal is commonly found for furniture, flooring, veneers, cabinetry, interior trims, and musical instruments. If price is a concern to you, check out walnut wood for sale nearby.

Peruvian walnut wood and its expensive price

As mentioned earlier, walnut is one of the most expensive wood types on the market. Even though the price is concerning, this specific wood type is so popular with woodworkers.

The price has become so high due to supply and demand. When the demand is high, the wood supply is short. It requires 55 years for black walnut trees to mature, for instance.

It is no wonder if it is not as affordable as other types of wood, such as cherry, pine, and oak.

Walnut price

Peruvian walnut wood is considered hardwood. It comes with a high level of durability and straight grain. This wood resists dent excellently.

American Black Walnut can hold up to 1,010 lbs of force, according to the Janka test rating.

Walnut comes expensively due to its “rarity”. Kiln-dried black walnut, for instance, costs up to USD 12.50 per board foot. Lower quality may only charge around USD 5 per board foot.

Types of walnut and its best use

We explained above that Nogal is excellent for several items. However, certain walnut types work excellently for a specific item.

Nogal and Brazilian walnut, for instance, are great for hardwood flooring. Both can take up to 1,684 lbs of force and resist wear and tear.

On the other hand, black walnut performs nicely for paneling and cabinets. Small wood projects and veneers would be excellent with English walnut.


Walnut is one of the most expensive wood types on the market. Specific walnut types can cost higher than the others. Nogal or Peruvian walnut wood is more robust than other walnut woods available on the market today.

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