Plain Sliced Walnut for Your Information -

Plain Sliced Walnut for Your Information


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Plain Sliced Walnut

Nowadays there are lots of choices for home improvement and home interior design by using wood as the main material. Let’s talk about walnuts as a specific type of wood that can give the best look for your home improvement. If you want to have a fully furnished home at a quite affordable price, you may consider having plain sliced walnut for the main material.

This is a kind of wooden material specifically designed for the home interior and it already comes in a form of veneer sheets. Moreover, the veneer sheets of plain sliced walnuts are also popular as walnut veneers of flat cut. This kind of material is coming from the specific process of the walnut logs which are being sliced and it comes in the form of walnut sliced.

Let’s Talk More about the Plain Sliced Walnut

Before we have the best finishes for walnut, we need to know about the process of how walnut turns into the form of plain sliced. The cutting of the walnut log has a specific size just the same as the log, and all the walnut slices are combined into one based on the pattern and the matching grains to form the high quality of plain sliced walnut.

Moreover, people can get the slices of walnut which already turns into solid planks which are suitable for various kinds of projects which are using woods as the main materials. Usually, they use the slices of walnut wood for any project regarding the retail fixtures or the furniture building, and nowadays the walnut wood is also popular for home interiors and architecture.

what can it be used for?

The plank of black walnut itself is always suitable for all the projects which need wood as the main material just like we already mentioned before. This solid plain sliced walnut is becoming one of the most favourite materials due to the lightweight but has great durability, it also has beautiful cutting on the edges and these are the reasons why you have to choose the sliced walnut.

Furthermore, the sliced walnut is also coming with various kinds of sizes for the sheet and you may also choose the thicknesses ranging from 48” X 48”, 1/2” to 1-1/2” and more. Due to modern technology, you may also choose the 2-ply sheet veneer sliced walnut which has good flexibility and dimensional stability. 

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