Things to Know about South American Walnut -

Things to Know about South American Walnut


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South American Walnut

South American walnut is a species you can use for your home building. It features a handsome look and sturdy characteristics.

The color is excellent for dark wood flooring. Even though the price is quite expensive, you will never disappoint with the result.

In this article, we will show you the benefits and drawbacks of using walnut wood from South America.

South American walnut in a nutshell

In case you plan to use walnut wood from South America, these details below are worth considering.

The wood can take up to 1,010 lbs of force, which makes the wood suitable for flooring. It comes in light pale brown to dark chocolate brown colors. 

Walnut always has straight and fine grains. It is rare to find patinas or knots on the wood surface. Since the price is quite expensive, you can try your like by trying the walnut wood for sale.

Things you would love from South American walnut

Appearance is the main thing that makes this wood favorable for many woodworkers and homeowners. Some of them may get brightened after years of use, but some of them get darkened.

The grain is fine and straight, which makes a uniform look. Thus, many office rooms and formal settings prefer walnut wood for the furniture.

Using South American walnut for flooring is such a versatile choice. Staining is simple, even though it takes time to dry.

Maintaining dark walnut wood is also simple. All you need to do is to sweep and vacuum the surface regularly. Resealing the floor once every few years also helps to maintain the look of walnut wood.

If you plan to increase your property value, using walnut wood as part of the building is such a good idea.

Things to reconsider

As mentioned over and over in this article, costs are the main concern with walnut wood. More than anything, walnut wood from South America is way low-cost than Brazilian walnut

Even though this specific walnut type is sturdy, the Janka hardness rating is not strong enough compared to other hardwood options. All you need to do is to be more careful when using this wood for flooring material choice.

More than anything, this wood is quite stable. You can turn it for almost anything in your home. From paneling to flooring, walnuts seem to handle everything excellently.

And this is anything you need to know about South American walnuts.

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