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3 Types of Walnut Wood for Flooring Materials


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types of walnut wood

Walnut wood is so famous for furniture and cabinets. It looks so strong and durable for making those items. The things that you should know is there will be some types of walnut wood. You may hear the great points of using walnut wood for furniture items. It is a brief explanation about this walnut wood to know. 

Types of Walnut Wood

Walnut wood is often available in some variations. To get the most appropriate wood, it is essential to know all choices. These are some types of walnut wood. 

1. English Walnut Wood

English walnut wood comes from a tree being the most general walnut sources that you can eat. It is available in the market in some names including French Walnut, and European walnut. The English walnut tree spreads widely in West Asia and East Europe. English walnut is rather expensive which is the only reason to see it in a veneer type. The main colour of this walnut wood is pale brown to dark brown depending on the drying method. It can be printed in some colours. Redness and greyish become the general thing on English walnuts. It is durable to use for making flooring and furniture items but it is risky to insect attack. 

2. Black Walnut Wood

Black walnut becomes one of the types of walnut wood. It is so popular among wooden workers in the US. It is easy to use and so strong but it also has dimension stability and great shake durability. The black walnut is from the trees spreading in the US in the east. The length can reach 37 m. However, the branch diameter is only 0,6 to 1 meter. It has a colour of pale yellow and dark brown. If you find a long-term use wood, this wood is very durable and difficult to decompose. Black walnut is the right choice but it is risky to the insect attack. It is affordable to build interior panels, furniture, flooring, and cabinets. 

3. Claro Walnut Wood

It finishes walnut wood for the recommended types. It is also known to be California black walnut. Claro Walnut Wood is closely related to black walnut which is usually found in Oregon and California. The trees have a height of 9-18 meters and a width of 1-1.5 m. The colour of the branch can be brown to dark brown. It is very durable and difficult to decompose. The price of this walnut wood is more expensive than black walnut. It becomes weapon materials.  Those are some types of walnut wood that you can use to make furniture, cabinets, and flooring.

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