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Walnut Burl for Sale – A Beginner’s Guide


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walnut burl for sale

Have you thought that walnut burl for sale is a real thing? Burlwood is quite popular nowadays. It makes the price skyrocket.

But what is burl anyway? Why should you look for some?

You should not look for some – no one asked you to. But some woodworkers make nice-looking woodworking from wood burl. Thus, we will break down things to know about this wood thing in this article.

But we will remind you to buy from walnut wood for sale.

What is a burl?

Many woodworkers turn some burls into a show-stopping piece in their workshops. However, you need to know the description before starting any project with wood burl.

A burl is a nodule or growth in a side of a tree’s trunk. The wood grain also stops growing up in that area. Even though it doesn’t grow up anymore, it allows the nodule to grow out.

This is why wood burls look wild and sexy at the same time. 

Using burls for workpieces

No one can predict or control the growth of burl. It also makes the grains look random. Other than that, no one knows for sure how the nodule shows up in the first place.

It is safe to say that burls are rare at some point. Compared to regular walnut wood, walnut burl for sale comes higher at price. Besides stunning, burls also represent a certain social status in the community.

Rolls-Royce is an example of Burls application for interior trim. Other than that, many custom-made items are made of burls from various wood types.

Why people love burls

We have explained enough about the striking quality of burls. Besides wealth status, burls come once in a lifetime. It means that you can find nothing that looks similar to one burl on a regular board.

Different species commonly come out with different sprouting. The sprouting later creates a spiny exterior, which makes a burl look more natural and unique at the same time.

Things to make from burls

Since the shape and size are smaller than regular lumbers, woodworkers see some limitations in it. However, the limitations don’t make their creativity stuck.

For instance, a medium-sized veneered panel can be made out of a single burl block. Of course, it requires skill and creativity. It allows you to own a stunning panel that no one ever had.

In case you need something with a more low-cost, you can try walnut burl for sale.

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