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3 Types of Wood Similar to Walnut to Use for Furniture


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Mahogany wood

What is a kind of wood similar to walnut? Walnut is a plant in which the tree can be utilized for furniture and craft materials. Walnut wood has some characteristics including the color that tends to be dark. This material also brings some benefits. It is durable, strong, and resistant toward the weather outside. Sure, walnut wood is not the only wood to use for making such stuff. There are some other types of wood with similar characters and benefits. What are they? Here they are.


teak wood

Teak wood is said to be a premium wood that comes from tropical forests. This type of wood is known for some good characteristics. One of them is that it has a layer of natural oil on its surface. It makes the wood more water-resistant. In addition, the wood’s surface also becomes naturally shiny even without you varnishing it. You should not worry since the natural oil is not oily at all when you are touching it. The next characteristic is that the teak is reddish brown in color particularly when exposed to sunlight. This Southeast-Asia typical wood is also anti -bacterial, not easily weathered, and the maintenance is simple.

Mahogany is a wood similar to walnut

Mahogany wood

The next wood type similar to the black walnut wood is the mahogany wood. Generally, it is not as expensive as both walnut and teak logs. However, once it turns into a product like a furniture item, the peice will be the opposite. Yes, it can even be more expensive than the same product made from teak or walnut logs. Mahogany wood characters are as follows. First, the fiber is smaller and tighter as well as it has fine pores. Besides, the color tends to be brownish red, almost similar to the teak wooden log. Generally, it is also strong and durable to process into any furniture and crafting products.

Pine wood

Pine Wood

Pine wood is another type of materials that is very popular as a raw material for furniture and other products. The main reason is that the pine wood is very easy to find around. There are a lot pine forestry no matter how the conditions and weathers of the areas are. This way, the price tends to be very affordable as well. There are some primary characteristics of pine wood. It has brighter colors with fine fiber. Generally, it is quite strong and resistant from being withered. However, the type of wood can be easier to attack by fungi. Well, this is the main lack of this wood similar to walnut.

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